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Smart Parenting project

Developing Integrative on-line Parenting Courses: Strategies for Raising Children Affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences


During the pandemic, many parents have experienced increased pressures and erosions to social supports, with implications for their mental health. In a recent EU survey, the majority of parents expressed that during the pandemic, concerns about finances, social isolation, criticism from others, as well as emotional experiences of sadness and loneliness were affecting their parenting. The pandemic had negative effects on children’s mental health and exacerbated societal inequality.

Globally, school and child care closures and the hiatus of after-school activities has added to parental pressure to balance responsibilities, including becoming the sole providers of supervision and education for their children—all while experiencing heightened financial and emotional stress. Families, generally, are affected by the disruptions of such humanitarian- economic crises.

Smart parenting


Smart Parenting is a 28-month project brining together a variety of EU partners and aiming to secure a more resilient and promising future for children with Adverse Childhood Experiences by establishing a comprehensive online model of parent- support grounded on the principles of informed decision-making and positive parenting, thus contributing to the reduction in short- and long-term trauma-related symptoms of the child, and creating an inclusive environment that fosters equity and equality.

Target group

Parents and caregivers

from different agencies to work with children and families (educators, trainers, teachers, family therapists, social workers, psychologists).

Governmental agencies,

educational, social and health providers

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Project aims

Smart Parenting will act like a digital recovery plan aiming to increase their competences by establishing a comprehensive high-quality online model of parent-support, grounded on the principles of informed decision-making and positive parenting thus contributing to the reduction in short- and long-term trauma-related symptoms of the child, and creating an inclusive environment that fosters equity and equality. Smart Parenting model constitutes a flexible learning offer adapted to the learning needs of every parent in need, with a special focus for families identified as being at risk for child maltreatment, improving the outreach to people with fewer opportunities, including people with disabilities or with a migrant background, as well as people living in rural and remote areas, people facing socio-economic difficulties or any other potential source of discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, addressing the barriers faced by these groups in accessing these opportunities and thus actively promoting social inclusion.

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Smart Parenting

Activities Implemented


Desk-based analysis

of evidence-based parenting programs possessing high likelihood of producing positive results in parent-child relationship at EU & national level


Development of a core Curriculum

focusing on ACEs and ways to mitigate troublesome behavior


Design of a Platform

with Audiovisual evidence-based messages on mental health improvement,hare the Curriculum, tools and materials with stakeholders & make policy recommendations


Smart Parenting project has 6 partners from 5 EU countries :

Mairie d’Oletta, situated in Corsica, oversees the welfare of 1,388 inhabitants, managing diverse municipal interests such as town planning, education, and social assistance. The municipality prioritizes education, operating the Oletta bilingual public primary school with 126 pupils, fostering an inclusive and optimized learning environment. Through active community engagement and collaboration with REAAP, Mairie d’Oletta strives to support parents by recognizing and enhancing their skills in a framework that values dialogue, exchange, and the active participation of families.

IFRTS, as a member of UNAFORIS and actively involved in the evolving field of social work, places a strong emphasis on understanding and addressing issues affecting children’s protection, maintenance, and education. In response to the changing landscape, IFRTS prepares future social workers through adaptable training, fostering a model that values social support, commitment, and initiative. Collaborating with regional centers and a network of social work actors, IFRTS operates at the intersection of physical and mental health, addressing the interconnected challenges faced by individuals in need. As the promoter of the Smart Parenting project, IFRTS mobilizes diverse stakeholders to provide early prevention and protection for children, supporting parents in securing a more resilient future. With extensive experience in coordinating European organizations and a rich background in Training and Research in Social Work, IFRTS is a key player in shaping effective social interventions.

Ljudska univerza Lendava (Adult Education Centre Lendava) is an adult education institute founded in 1959 by the Municipality of Lendava. During the years AEC Lendava developed from classical school for adults into a modern life long learning centrer and became one of the leading adult education institutes in the Slovenia. During each year we are providing different national and international projects, including those not directly focused on education. LU Lendava runs the Family Center where they provide different workshops for parents and children, run the program Strengthening families with Center for Social Care Pomurje for families who are dysfunctional, provide lay and professional therapy services for children and teenagers and provide confidential conversations.

GESEME is a Spanish organization specialized since 1996 in medicine, health, safety, psychotherapy, sports, training and healthy lifestyles. We have an intensive profitable activity and a team of 297 full time employees (medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, therapists, occupational health specialists, medical nurses, educational experts, etc.). GESEME is providing specialized services for: • Trainings in Occupational health and safety, Active ageing, Health and wellbeing • Psychotherapy • Art therapy • Mindfulness • Sociology • Coaching for balancing the professional and personal life • Campaigns for healthy habits • Occupational Safety • Sport Medicine • Physiotherapy

European Knowledge Spot is a non-profit organization committed in making information and knowledge accessible to all and creating positive impact on education, social inclusion and to build an era of peace and sustainable development. The organization gives emphasis both in supporting the formal and non-formal education system and contributing to its equal access to all and also to designing and delivering customized lifelong learning, education and capacity building opportunities especially for populations with an underprivileged educational background.

The Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (APHVF/SPAVO) provides services and direct help to people experiencing or exercising domestic violence with the aim to prevent it. APHVF develops awareness raising activities on the social phenomenon of domestic violence in order to inform citizens, but also advises competent authorities, notably regarding shortcomings of legislation and formal procedures, and proposes appropriate suggestions, with the aim to improve related policies.

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